My Story

Kelly Bishop Wildlings Interiors
Welcome to Wildlings!
My name is Kelly, I'm a busy Mother of two and the creator of Wildlings Interiors.

I love beautiful design, interiors and fashion, but have a real passion for children's interiors and decor in particular. 

My interest in design started at a young age, and I soon found my way into art college. I worked as a jewellery designer and maker for many years, and up until a few years ago, ran my own successful jewellery brand. 

Since having two of my own little Wildlings, my focus has unsurprisingly shifted, and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to create something new that worked around my young family, and still allowed me to be creative.  

My mission with Wildlings, is to design modern, gender neutral, timeless prints that will fit beautifully in any space, that are available to all whilst being sustainable and eco friendly.

K xx